Top Attractions

Top Attractions

The Halkidiki peninsula contists by the mountain range of Central Halkidiki which leeds to the beach of the West and East coasts. It is further divided into three smaller peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos.

Halkidiki is not merely a holiday destination; it is an unrivalled summer and winter experience, the place you have long dreamt of. Abundant green landscapes under the golden sun, beaches of immaculate beauty, a tantalizing blend of sea and mountains, traditional colours, historical landmarks, all form the striking mosaic that is Halkidiki.

Mt. Holomontas

The central part of Halkidiki is dominated by the range of Mt. Holomontas, an area of unspoiled natural beauty with fabulous views in all directions.

Cave of Petralona

In Western Halkidiki, at a mere 54 km southeast of Thessaloniki is the reknown Cave of Petralona. This cave was discovered in 1959 by the


It’s roughly 150 kilometres away from Polygyros. It was the holy city of the ancient Macedonians (equivalent to Delphi and Olympia for Southern Greece). It


Meteora, in Thessaly, are roughly 310 kilometres away from Polygyros. They are impressive shapings of individual rocks of 200 – 300 metres, rising from the

Pella – Vergina

PELLA Pella is approximately 100 kilometers away from Polygyros. King Arhelaos transported the capital of Macedonians from Aiges (Vergina) to Pella, in the beginning of

Healing springs of Agia Paraskevi

Just five kilometers south of Agia Paraskevi and right on the coast is the village of Loutra, consisting mainly of summer houses, restaurants, cafes and


The second biggest city in Greece , the second capital (capital of Macedonia ) as it is often called, has more than 1,5 million inhabitants


A journey around the Kassandra peninsula Kassandra is seen as the most cosmopolitan of the three ‘feet’ of Halkidiki, many of its villages having large


A tour of the Sithonia peninsula With the pine trees coming right down to the beach, the air full of intoxicating scents, the rugged coastline

Mount Athos

A visit to the Mt. Athos peninsula Halkidiki was introduced to Christianity in 50AD, when the Apostle Paul passed through Apollonia on his way from

Mountainous Halkidiki

Top Attractions Tour of mountain Halkidiki Apart from its fabulous coastline of golden beaches and little bays and coves, with crystal clear waters, Halkidiki also


Ammouliani, is the only habitable island. The light blue sandy beaches, the white settlements and the beautiful landscapes attract the visitors all over the world.