Mt. Holomontas

The central part of Halkidiki is dominated by the range of Mt. Holomontas, an area of unspoiled natural beauty with fabulous views in all directions. Holomontas has been known since ancient times, when its timber was highly prized by shipbuilders. The rolling expanses of forest are interspersed with meadows of wild flowers and fragrant herbs. This is the ideal place to find cool shade in summer, and the most magical of retreats in the heart of winter.

Imposing trees grow to high up on its slopes, with oaks on the lower reaches and chestnut, pine, fir and beech higher up. Every so often the trees make way for a clearing, full of wild flowers. Mushrooms are found here in abundance, growing alongside wild herbs, mountain tea and oregano. There are also many species of wild animals and birds.

The best point from which to appreciate the landscape is the village of Taxiarchis. The turning off the main road, before Arnaia, provides a wonderful drive through the village and the heart of the forest, allowing the visitor to admire it in all its grandeur and stop at various points to marvel at the views.

Taxiarchis is also home to a branch of the Forestry Department of the University of Thessaloniki.



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