Who we are

The Halkidiki Hotel Association was founded in 1982. It is a non-profitable professional association that has its central offices in Polygyros in Halkidiki, a branch in Thessaloniki and its members are hotels that belong to the Prefecture of Halkidiki.

Today, it represents 40-45% of the hotels of the region and 75% of the hotel beds. This potential allows us to play a vital role in the development of tourism in Halkidiki and, generally, in North Greece.

Our actions prove that we undertook this role with great responsibility and seriousness. The activities that we have developed until today made us one of the most dynamic professional carriers in the country.

The Halkidiki Hotel Association, for several years, achieved to go further than the conventional activities of a professional association that is mostly interested in promoting the professional interests of its members. It undertakes higher activities and initiatives and cooperates with the local and other authorities that have an important and determinative role in the development of tourism in the region.

In more detail, the Halkidiki Hotel Association is activated:
:: In designing, studying and offering consultative services on the new trends of the market of tourism and the necessary adjustments of the tourism services according to the needs of the tourism market.

:: In promoting new technologies in tourist services resulting in opening new markets and developing new services for the customers.

:: In acting collectively for the protection of the natural and human environment and promoting activities of ecological character in cooperation with the local authorities.

:: In studying and designing methods for altering the provided tourist services, as the promotion of alternative tourism and the development, in collaboration with the local government, of cultural and traditional events etc.

:: In organising the promotional strategy for Halkidiki in big target markets (eastern and western Europe and internal market) in collaboration with the local authorities, the participation in every international tourism exhibition, advertising in magazines, newspapers, TV and radio channels, the presentation of Halkidiki as a tourist destination to the big tour operators and smaller travel agencies with remarkable results. In order to promote advertisement related to tourism, we cooperate with special Public Relations Agencies in U.K. and Germany.

:: In producing brochures for promoting the tourism of Halkidiki (hotel guide, leaflet with traditional festivals, leaflet with general information on Halkidiki, maps). Promotion through the Internet as well.

:: In participating in European Programs.

:: In organising educational programs for unemployed and employed through the Institute for the Tourism Development of Macedonia (ITAM). The programs are designed for covering the needs of the tourism labour market of Halkidiki. They offer the students the skills required to find or maintain their job and to contribute to the upgrading of the quality of the provided tourist services.

Every company that operates a hotel in the prefecture of Halkidiki can become a member of the Association.
Information for membership: +30 2310 429020, 429022 fax +30 2310 429021.