History & Culture

The people of Halkidiki take a keen interest in their culture and traditions and the region has done a remarkable job of studying, conserving and promoting its historic buildings, its folk art and all the many and varied manifestations of the community’s spiritual life and history.


Halkidiki features in many Greek myths: Kassandra was said to be where the Giant Enceladus was buried; Athos was formed by the rock thrown towards


Museum of ThessalonikiThe visitor can see part of the town’s walls and ruins from the acropolis. The docks of the harbour, made of huge granite

Ancient Places

Ancient town AkanthosA colony of the city of Andros, which was built around 650 BC, one of the biggest and wealthiest colonies in Halkidiki and

Byzantine Monuments

Byzantine Tower of Prosphorios (Ouranoupolis)It was built in 1344. Here lived the monks who looked after the property of the Monastery Vatopediou, from 1018 until