Towns & Villages

Communities in Halkidiki range from the little village with stone houses and courtyards full of flowers to the larger market towns and resorts with all the infrastructure that makes Halkidiki an attractive destination at any time of year.

Kassandra Towns & Villages

Nea Moudania One of the more urban of the towns of western Halkidiki, with a population whose grandparents were refugees from Asia Minor in 1922.

Sithonia Towns & Villages

Agios Mamas Heading down towards the Sithonia peninsula, about four kilometers after the junction you will come to a sign to Agios Mamas. The town

Mt. Athos Towns & Villages

Olympiada Olympiada lies on the north-eastern coast of Halkidiki, on the road to the Athos peninsula. It was built by refugees from Asia Minor on

Central Halkidiki Towns & Villages

Nea Kallikrateia Nea Kallikrateia is situated just before the peninsula of Cassandra, 43km from Thessaloniki. It owes its name to the refugees from Kallikrateia in

Traditional Villages

The vernacular architecture of Halkidiki is a local version of the familiar Macedonian style. The region offers a wide range of interesting buildings, from simple