The second biggest city in Greece , the second capital (capital of Macedonia ) as it is often called, has more than 1,5 million inhabitants and a very rich history. Its Byzantine Monuments are unique in beauty and historical value. It is a big administrative and cultural centre, offering unique opportunities for entertainment and shopping. The international airport “ MACEDONIA ” receives every day many flights to and from the entire world. The port of Thessaloniki is the biggest in the whole Balkan region and numerous commercial transactions take place here every day. The railway station connects Greece to the other Balkan countries and the rest of Europe.

Numerous important international fairs and exhibitions take place every year at its International Fair Centre, covering various business and leisure sectors. The National Theatre, the Royal Theatre, and the smaller theatres host every year various plays. Cinemas, art centres and galleries, cultural centres, musical stages, restaurants with Greek and international cuisine ( North Greece is famous for its wonderful cuisine and special delicacies), bars and entertainment centres build the image of the busy, colourful city.

Thessaloniki is the seat of two of the biggest Universities in Greece , the Aristotle University and the University of Macedonia . Both attract students from all over the country, but also from abroad, who fill the city, giving it a vibrant and youthful essence.

Its museums (the bigger are the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Byzantine Culture), the archaeological sites, the Byzantine walls, the Antique Market, the covered food market, the old town (on the inner side of the old city walls) create an imaginary setting which the visitor can experience by wandering around its streets and alleys.



Top Attractions


It’s roughly 150 kilometres away from Polygyros. It was the holy city of the ancient Macedonians (equivalent to Delphi and Olympia for Southern Greece). It

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Mt. Holomontas

The central part of Halkidiki is dominated by the range of Mt. Holomontas, an area of unspoiled natural beauty with fabulous views in all directions.

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