Halkidiki can boast an amazing 550km of coastline, featuring a thousand different beaches, some rocky and imposing, others offering an endless expanse of golden sand. Some busy and fashionable, others no more than deserted coves among the rocks, but all of them blessed with crystal clear waters reflecting the deep green of the pine forest. The Blue Flags that Halkidiki is awarded each year are richly deserved.

Over millions of years Halkidiki has evolved into a landscape of enormous variety, its fertile soil covering rich networks of underground water. It is famous for its beaches, for the wonderful fir forests on the slopes of Mt. Holomontas, for the imposing Petralona cave and the wetlands of the Natura network. At the heart of the mountain range lies Lake Mavrobara, with its reeds and lilies, while at Helona tiny turtles share the waters with the swimming holidaymakers. And the finishing touch to this magical picture? A perfect sunset seen from Agios Mamas – Halkidiki’s ultimate gift to her visitors.

One of the main attractions of Halkidiki are the miles of glorious beaches, extending along more than 550km of coastline. And, of course, the crystal-clear waters of the sea. Long expanses of golden sand alternating with intimate little coves and bays, beaches for every taste: some packed with people and music, with bars and water sports, others quiet, almost deserted. Some with deep water, where divers can explore the mysterious worlds below, others with shallow water where children can safely play. The turquoise waters, the scent of the pine forest behind the beach… there is simply nowhere to compare with the coast of Halkidiki.

Central Halkidiki West coast

Nea Kallikratia Wide, clean, sandy, fully organised beach, in front of the homonymous village. It has all kinds of restaurants, bars and facilities for water

Kassandra Beaches

Agios Mamas Sandy beach, sufficiently organised, that is extended in length of a few kilometres. It is situated in front of the homonymous village. Nea

Sithonia Beaches

Gerakini At the location called Scala, there is a harbor in which Gerakini’s magnesite, digged out from mines close-by, is shipped away. Around it there

Athos Beaches

Develiki A small fishing settlement; it is the beach of the village Gomati. There are beautiful small taverns, next to the shore. Kastri Next to