Byzantine Monuments

Byzantine Tower of Prosphorios (Ouranoupolis)
It was built in 1344. Here lived the monks who looked after the property of the Monastery Vatopediou, from 1018 until the Greek Catastrophe in Asia Minor.
This property included the whole wider area of Ouranoupolis. The roof, which replaced the last floor, and the lower building were constructed in the 19th century. Other buildings of the Monastery property are also preserved. Today, the tower hosts periodical exhibitions about the Byzantine Era.

Frangokastro – Monastery of Zygos (Ouranoupolis)
It is in the greater area of Ouranoupolis, about forty meters beyond the Mount Athos borderline. It was dedicated to Prophitis Ilias (Prophet Elias) and it must have been founded around the year 991 AC. During the 11th century AC it was one of the most important monasteries of Mount Athos. Still, in the 12th century it was abandoned and donated from the Emperor Alexios Angelos III to the Monastery Helandariou.
Around 1206, a Frank lord with his soldiers settled in the monastery and marched from there to plunder the monasteries of Mount Athos. After the Pope’s interference, in 1211, he was forced to leave the area. It is the only example of a big Mount Athos Monastery, the plain structure (without any later interventions and additions or obstacles of religious nature) of which we can study. The excavations works are still running. Visitors are accepted upon request. For information call +30 2310 285163, +30 23770 71389.

The Byzantine Tower of Saint Paul (Paul the Apostle) in Nea Phocea
It stands on a low hill, on the south, rocky end of the beach.
It is an impressive tower, built of stones which were transferred here from the Ancient Town Potidea in 1407. It was part of the property of the Monastery of Saint Paul and protected it. Next to it is the little chapel of the Monastery, built with bricks (1868).

The Property of the Monastery Stavronikita (Sani)
The area, with the fertile fields and olive groves was property of the Monastery Stavronikita since 1543. The workers on the property were Greek and Bulgarian. The tower of the monastery property is preserved in a good condition, in the area where probably the acropolis of the ancient town Sani was. Important events and happenings of the Sani Festival take place here every summer.



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